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We offer a variety of services for your roofing needs.  In addition to our free, no-obligation inspections, we have these options:

Real Estate Certification

Inspection to determine proper installation and a professional estimate on life expectancy of the roof.  You will be given a formal certification letter describing condition of the roof of the home for real estate purposes.  Should it not pass certification, we can work with you to repair or replace the roof through cash bid or insurance.

Insurance Claims

Most common - We deal with your insurance company directly to get your roof replaced.  Most of the time, they will cover the entire cost, you just pay your deductible and any upgrades or items not covered by insurance.

Cash Estimates

If you don't want to go through insurance or it won't be covered, you have the option to pay out-of-pocket.  You may be able to finance the cost.


If insurance only covers repairs or you'd like to have repairs done without insurance, we can put together an estimate for you.

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