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What is delamination?

When having your roof inspected, you may hear some terms you're not familiar with. One of those terms is "delamination".

So what is delamination?

Delamination occurs when two parallel surfaces separate, such as shingles. This happens most commonly on single-ply and fully adhered roofs. The two main causes of delamination are inclement weather and improper installation. Places with high humidity are also at a greater risk of delamination due to moisture being trapped, such as over an indoor pool. A strong storm could even result in a complete tear-off. With any roof, over time, delamination can occur from UV exposure or slight shifts in the building.

What do you do if you have delamination?

The longer your roof has damage, like delamination, the more likely it is to cause serious issues. Failure to repair or replace your damaged roof can lead to leaks, mold, rotting, and more damage. When a contractor inspects your roof and determines you have delamination, he or she will recommend repairs of the damaged shingles. If there are many damaged shingles due to a storm, your homeowner's insurance will likely cover the cost of repairs or even replace your entire roof at only the cost of your deductible.

How do you know if you need repairs?

One of our experts will determine the amount and types of damage you have on your roof and recommend the next steps to take. If a full roof replacement is recommended, having a contractor help with your insurance claim can be beneficial. Your contractor will make sure all codes are followed, storm dates are accurate, damage report is provided to insurance, and answer any questions you or your insurance company have. If insurance approves the repairs or replacement, you will only pay your deductible, unless you choose additional options or upgrades. You choose a shingle color, and our contractor handles the rest. Once you are scheduled for materials delivery and installation, your new roof is completed in one to three days, on average.

How long should you wait to get your roof fixed?

Don't wait! The longer you wait to fix your roof, the more damage it can cause, and the less likely your insurance is to cover the cost. Call 208-605-0513 to schedule a free inspection!

See how Owens Corning shingles hold up to high heat and delamination in the video below, then visit our Roof Simulator page to see how different Owens Corning shingles look on your own house!

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